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3 Steps to Resign with Intention & Grace

You’ve just accepted a new job. Congratulations! Stand proud for all you’ve accomplished. That’s exactly why this New Employer has extended you an offer and eagerly awaits your arrival. Its time to graciously give notice to your boss, transfer customer activity and step forward into your next adventure.

Do not overcomplicate this. I got your back. Everyone appreciates a fist bump when faced with highly-charged personal change. 

1. Meet or Phone Your Boss & Notify Him: You Are Departing.

This is a 5 minute chat. Inform him that you have accepted a new job and you’re pleased about beginning the next adventure. Express gratitude for the work you’ve done together. Offer 2 weeks to stick around, transfer knowledge and hand-off customer activity. Set a quick follow-up meeting to identify exit action-items. In sales, you’re likely walked out. Beautiful, enjoy the extra days to recharge your batteries.

This is not counter-offer time for more money or a bigger territory. This is not time to expose problems or bash the product. You’ve already made the decision to leave and you’ve committed to a new role. You don’t need to re-decide, it’s already done. Your boss may not have seen this coming. Its quite alright, he’s a pro and his next step is to cover customer accounts and find your replacement. Stay focused on your exit and redirect all subsequent conversation to hand-off logistics.

2. Follow-up With a Formal Resignation Email.

I wrote a template for you. Keep it short, leave a spoonful of good vibes and highlight a couple wins. It’s a smart idea to extend formalities and cc HR for the record.

Dear (Old Boss) –  With sincere consideration, I have made the decision to join a new opportunity and I will be departing the team at (COMPANY NAME). My last date of employment will be (DATE).

I have enjoyed my role and the challenge of a few key wins:  

(Bullet point a notable deal or two, project success, or staff development. List a couple shining stars.)  I appreciate working with you and send success. 

Sincerely, You.

3. Deliver a Class-Act Exit.

You ripped off the band-aid and gave notice, mission accomplished. This is exciting! As you exhale, stretch and smile, a couple strong points to consider. I’m not in favor of sharing New Employer details with an existing boss/team before you get out the door. Try to avoid others opinions polluting your fresh waters. Give yourself a clean break, hit the reset button and enjoy your privacy.

You’ve become social friends with your existing team? I hope so. We build solid relationships within our work families. In return, don’t pollute their waters with negativity on your way out. These guys still call the Company home and may not share your frustrations. 

I recommend this mindset: “I’m excited about my new gig and wanna enjoy it for myself right now. Let’s grab a bite and catch up once I’m settled-in on the other side.”

Now, go take care of business and celebrate victory!

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