You're the heartbeat of your startup.
I'm the adrenaline.

You're not just another startup. You're a Digital Health startup.

You’re on a mission to disrupt mediocrity and radically improve lives. You’re one of the crazy ones who set out to change the world. 

Who will help bring your mission to the masses?

A great product doesn’t magically get to market. Billions of clever ideas die every year.

Securing the cash is exciting – that’s fuel to keep your mission moving. You also need experts with the chops to open markets, leapfrog the competition, and help make the right decisions.
That doesn’t happen by hiring junk drawer candidates.

Meet the right candidates. The first time.

You need Impact Players. Not “what we could afford” or “I just hired my college buddies” talent. Not the big “brand name” company exec who lacks agility and grit. I’m talkin’ about ‘make you blush being in the same room with them’ type of people.

You need to meet the right candidates the first time. These are the Impact Players on fire for your mission. That’s my crowd. Introducing you to them is my superpower. 

I help you magnetize Impact Players who will catapult your mission forward.

You’re the heartbeat for your startup, and I’m the adrenaline. Are you ready to meet the Right Candidates?