Recruiting is sales - and candidates are customers.

There’s one problem. Impact players don’t know your startup exists. If they’ve heard about you, they’re not inspired to do anything about it. The experts you want to hire are head-down, focused on their current mission, busy conquering milestones.

“But we have a better mission!” you say.

“We just secured an $80 Million Series B!” you beam.

“We have a brand-name Board!” you rave.

You’re also one of several thousand startups in Digital Health. Recruiting is sales, candidates are customers: what’s in it for them? You require an ally to cut through the noise and expedite a path for you both to align on shared success.

Who? Me.


The ultimate startup ally.

You’re in experienced hands. I accelerate traction for Digital Health startups determined to create better models of care and annihilate problems found within the largest Healthcare Provider, Payer, and Commercial buyer ecosystems.

Founders & CEO’s of growth-stage venture turn to me when they’re:

  • Eager to appoint a mission-driven Executive team
  • Challenged to open key markets & build name brand recognition
  • Struggling to close bigger deals & anxious about revenue milestones
  • Wiped out by competitors due to sales inexperience, or lack of technical and domain expertise
  • Demoralized from failing to identify, attract and hire real Impact Players

Pierce through market noise.


You may not give a flip about my process. But you definitely care about my execution.

Your business is irrelevant if you can’t make the Right Hires. Quality growth in your company requires precise execution with the right recruiting partner. 

You want to know:

  • If I know the right people and how fast I can get you in front of them.
  • If each candidate is thoroughly vetted for your unique business milestones.
  • If I manage the backend of recruiting: pre-close, negotiate compensation, conduct references, and guide a successful transition.
  • Most importantly, you want to know if I deliver what I say, I will.

20 years of preciscion recruiting infuses 

instant Adrenaline into your startup. 


Can I get you in front of the Right Candidates?
There is no question.